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We often receive referrals directly from parents who are concerned about their child’s development. At Senara, we believe that every child deserves better access to high quality therapy, to ensure they thrive. To ensure your child receives the best service, we have a number of professionals from different disciplines.


These include:- Occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, specialist educational support and dyslexia Services. We work closely with other professionals from the local authority and the NHS to ensure we are providing the best possible advice and support.


We recognise the importance of working with a professional that you can trust and with whom you feel you can have a good relationship with. All of our therapists have been selected for their skill set and approachable personality.



Our assessment pathway has 3 steps. Gathering information, screening to ensure we are the correct service for you and a detailed standardised assessment.


1. Assessment of Development form

When you contact us through the ‘Make a Referral’ tab, Angela our admin assistant will contact you and provide you with an Assessment of Development form. This information forms the base of our assessment, and from this information we will be able to decide who is best to work with you.


2. Initial screening appointment

Within this appointment we will discuss any concerns you might have about your child. We will spend time with your child in free play and complete some clinical observations. Following which we are able to advise which assessment package is most appropriate for your child.


3. Further Assessment

After your child's screening appointment, you are encouraged to take time to consider if you would like to book in for an assessment. If you decide to book, you can do this through Angela our admin assistant.



Our highly skilled therapists have training and experience in several therapeutic approaches, offering individually tailored therapy. The families we work with tell us that this flexibility enables them to develop a greater understanding of their family and ways in which to support their children at home and in school.


Please Make a Referral (click here) to find out more information about our treatment packages.

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